Tom from NRR – update

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Here at WDAC we have received several messages from worried runners who were concerned for Tom, the Northampton Road Runner who collapsed during the Wellingborough 5 race on Sunday.  Below is an email we received from NRR earlier today and we are very happy to hear that Tom has been making good progress since arriving at Kettering Cardiac Unit on Sunday afternoon.  We wish Tom all the best for a full recovery.

A very many thanks go out to all who stopped to help him or comfort others on the day.


Dear all,
I know you’re all extremely concerned about Tom. The very good news is that he woke up by himself, without having to be brought out of the induced coma. He recognised us, which was extremely important and was able to communicate by nodding ‘yes’ and ‘no’. He was trying to ask me something, but had a tube in his mouth, and indicated he wanted pen and paper. The nurse provided it and he wrote ‘what was my time’. He was quite upset when I told him he was a DNF! We knew we had Tom back!

The thinking is that Tom has arrhythmia and will need a device fitted to ‘kick in’ if his heartbeat is irregular.

He isn’t out of the woods and is still in intensive care, but we can’t believe the difference 24 hours can make. Tom is only with us still because of the amazing efforts of some passing runners. One was a doctor and I know two were police officers. To say Tom was lucky is an understatement – they saved his life.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We hope and pray he will make a full recovery.