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Training sessions are held at Sir Christopher Hatton school on Tuesday’s from October – March and at the Old Grammarians Sports Ground from April – September and on Thursday’s all year round at the Old Grammarians Sports Ground.

Tuesday sessions will generally consist of a quality / speed / strength session. Junior members also train on Tuesdays. Find out more about their sessions on the Juniors page. Thursday sessions will generally consist of a longer steady run.

All runners must sign in via Spond before 6:30, ready to run.

A high-visibility top or vest must be worn in all seasons. These can be purchased through the club. Your coach can forbid you from running without one.

A bottle of water is recommended over the summer.

Due to street lamps being turned off by the council, head torches are recommended while running at night.

Check out our safety page with loads of tips on how to keep safe while out running.

Details of individual group sessions can be found via our Spond app.