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We are a friendly club based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Our members come from all over the county with a wide and diverse background and as a result we have a running group that will suit almost anyone – from our fastest ‘elite’ runners who continually build bigger trophy cabinets, to those with more modest aims. We also have an active junior section.

No matter what your aims or goals are, whether it is for keeping fit, losing weight, joining in our social groups or running to be competitive, we can help! Training sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights (spring & summer) at 6.30pm at the Old Grammarians, Sywell Road, Wellingborough, NN8 6BS. In the autumn & winter Tuesday sessions are based at Sir Christopher Hatton School, The Pyghtle, Wellingborough, NN8 4RP.

We invite anyone to come and join us for four free sessions to see if you like it before we ask you to join the club. All that we ask is that you are able to run at least 4 miles at a reasonable pace without stopping. Tuesday sessions are generally a long run night from anything between 3 and 8 miles depending on group abilities and Thursday nights sessions are generally aimed at speed/strength work.


The club was originally formed in 1992 by a group of runners to train for the London Marathon and many of those runners are still with us today.

As well as just running the club has diversified, with members trying their hands at Adventure Racing, Triathlons, Multi day events, Ultra marathons and any other crazy challenge they can come across!

We like to ensure that Wellingborough & District have a large attendance at nearly all the local (and some not so local!!!) events and races. Since 1996 the club has also been a part part of the Three Counties Cross Country league, which is held each year over the winter months.

The saying goes … Work hard, play hard! and the social side of the club more than reflects this! With annual trips to our twinned club in Krov, Germany for the midnight run on the Mossel, Adventure weekends to Longtown (South Wales) as well as summer BBQs and all year nights out!