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The Ultramarathon and Trail Running section is an official sub-section of WDAC made up of runners who seek to either take their running beyond the marathon distance, or who prefer running off-road on trails or rocky terrain for any length of distance.
** An Ultramarathon is a race of any distance over that of a marathon (26.2 miles).
** Trail Running tends to traverse varying terrain; hills, mountains, fields, deserts, forests, and narrow passages are common. Likewise, steep inclines or rough terrain sometimes may require hiking or scrambling. Runners participating in trail runs must often ascend and descend thousands of feet.

Royston trail half marathon 2016Training

Informal runs are often organised at various times throughout the week – usually shorter distances (up to 90mins) on Wednesday night and Friday nights and much longer distances on a Saturday or Sunday. These runs are often along local trails. Get in touch with Gary Thacker on a club night (Gary usually runs with Group 2/3)

Trail Running Championship

For the 2019 season, W&DAC are holding an Ultramarathon & Trail Series Championship. This Championship will comprise of the following races:

#1 Irchester Dirt Run – tbc 5-15k 27th Jan
#2 3 counties xc – Wootton >5m 27th Jan
#3 Welly Trail 10k-1/2 marathon 17th Feb
#4 Dukeries 10m 23rd Feb
#5 Carsington Water 10k & 1/2 marathon 24th Feb
#6 Belvoior Challenge 15m & Marathon 2nd Mar
#7 Peatling Challenge 7 or 13 m 10th Mar
#8 Ashridge 16.5m 16th Mar
#9 Charnwood Challenge 15 or 27m 23rd Mar
#10 Obelisk Obble 15 or 20m Mar/Apr tbc
#11 Rutland Water 13.1m 14th Apr
#12 Northampton Cakeathon 5.6 mile loops in 6 hours 20 & 21st Apr
#13 Dukeries 30 or 40 miles 11th May
#14 Woodhouse May Day Challenge 13.5m 6th May tbc
#15 Hathersage Hurtle 20m 18th May tbc
#16 Otmore Challenge 1/2 Marathon 1st June tbc
#17 Shires & Spires 35m 2nd June
#18 Farthingstone Foot Festival 11 or 26m 8th June tbc
#19 Colworth Marathon Challenge 5m, 8.1 & 1/2 marathon 21st-23rd June tbc
#20 Adderbury Challenge 10K or 1/2 marathon 7th July
#21 Hannington Hike 14, 19 or 27m 14th July tbc
#22 Dovedale Dipper 15 or 26m 4th August
#23 Dunstable Challenge 1/2, 20m or marathon 1st September
#24 Harvest Trail 1/4 & 1/2 marathon 17th Sept tbc
#25 Squeaky Bone Relay 3.5m each (team of 4) 29th Sept
#26 Ampthill Trophy 10k 20th Oct tbc
#27 Broadway Half 1/2 marathon 17th Nov
#28 Asterix Amble 15 m Nov tbc
#29 3 Counties XC – North Herts Runners >5 miles Dec tbc

In order to take part in the Trail Championships, at least six races must be completed, which must include at least 3 events of different distances.

Points will be awarded as follows:        5k=1pt; 10k=2pt 11k-10miles=3pt; 11-25miles=4pt; Marathon distance=5pt; 30miles=6pt 40+=7pts

You will be awarded an additional 2 points for completing the whole Colworth Marathon Challenge. An additional 3 points for marshalling the Welly Trail and 1 point for marshalling the WDAC XC event.

In event of a tie the person/s completing the most events will be the winner.

It will be each individuals responsibility to inform either Lynda Rowse or Amanda Davies with evidence of which event and distance you have completed.