10 Week Beginners Course

In May 2011 Wellingborough & District Athletics Club organised a 10 week "Running for Non-Runners" course, specifically aimed at people who wanted to start running, whether it was looking to run that first marathon or to simply get into shape for the summer and stay trim and fit the whole year through. It was fun, friendly and showed you all the basics needed to start running whatever your goals.

Four members of the beginners group 2011, after completing their first 5 mile race.  (Three of the four ran their first marathon ten months after joining the non-runners group!)

2012 and 2013 saw other successful non-runners groups begin and finish with style!

    Running for Non-Runners

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept complete novices to run in the main groups, i.e. people with no running experience what so ever. (The club's policy is that members must be able to walk/run a minimum of four miles before joining.) Due to the clubs rapid expansion, we don't have enough coaches to cope with non runners. If you are complete beginner, try searching for the Couch to 5k app or you can contact some other local groups.

  • Andrew McKenna: Contact Andrew on 07723 314903 or email him on
  • Rushden Runners: Rushden Runners have been set up as part of the Run England initiative, to encourage non runners to become active. Contact Fiona Flander for more details, mobile number is 07763 353097 or email

If you do have some running experience then one of our groups may still be able to fit you in. See our Training page for an idea of different groups capabilities.