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Virgin London Marathon- club places

Every year WDAC receives places in the Virgin London Marathon by virtue of being a British athletics club. In 2018 we expect to receive 2 places.

The club runs a ballot/raffle in order to dish out these places to members. In order to be eligible for the ballot you must have:-

  • Been a member of the Club since 1 April 2017. Anyone who joined the Club after this date will not be eligble for the ballot in 2018; AND 
  • Have a copy of your rejection slip or rejection email received in October 2018.

To enter the ballot, you will need to send to Stephanie a copy of your rejection email or hand her your rejection slip if received by post. This gives you ONE entry into the ballot.

To achieve a second entry, you need to have marshalled at the Club’s Welly 5 race in July or run one of the Northants Road Running League races for the club over the Summer. Either of these will give you a further ONE entry into the ballot.

A third and final entry can be gained by running five or more of the NRRL races (or by marshalling at the Welly 5 and running 4 or more of the NRRL races), giving you ONE further ballot place.

The maximum ballot entries for a club position in London 2019 is three.

It is also a requirement that if you win a club place in the draw for London, you must represent the club by wearing your club vest during the race.


  • Runners for London 2019 from the club ballot are: Colin Harris and Sally Hewitt. 
  • Runners for London 2018 from the club ballot are: Tony Frain and Nicola Manning. 
  • Runners for London 2016 from the club ballot are: Kelly Wedge, Mandy Crabb and Colin Harris.  
  • Runners for London 2015 were: Timothy Walsh, Karen Tomkins, Gillian Brightwell and Michael Quinn.  
  • Runners for London 2014 were: Lisa Wood, Chris Jones, Shaun Cherry and Mary Moore.  Reserve: Kevin Lewis