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Looking for a marathon this year?…

Try one of these…
Brighton marathon – April
Rotterdam marathon – April
Virgin London marathon – April
Milton Keynes marathon – May
Edinburgh marathon – May
Snowdonia marathon – October
Dublin marathon – October
New York City Marathon – November
Gower Marathon – November
London marathon graphic
Every year WDAC holds a ‘ballot’ in order to win a club place at the London Marathon. You need to enter the general ballot when it goes live on Monday 2nd May (2016) and, if you are unsuccessful, keep hold of your rejection slip to enter the club draw.

* In order to apply for a club place for London 2017 you must have been a paid-up member of the club since April 2015 and have received a rejection slip through the post.  This will give you one entry into the club ballot for a chance at gaining a position in the London 2017 marathon.

* You can gain a second entry into the club ballot if you marshall at the Club’s Welly 5 race in July or run one of the 8 Northants Road Running League races for the club over the Summer.

* A third and final entry can be had by running 5 or more of the NRRL races (or by marshalling at the Welly 5 and running 4 or more of the NRRL races). This has been done to encourage runners to run for their club in the league races.

The maximum ballot entries for a club position in London 2017 is three.

It is also a requirement that if you win a club place in the draw for London, you must represent the club by wearing your club vest during the race.

  • Runners for London 2017 from the club ballot are; Tom Newton, Tony Frain and Nicola Manning.  Congratulations for gaining a place in the draw!
  • Runners for London 2016 from the club ballot are; Kelly Wedge, Mandy Crabb and Colin Harris.  The Reserve runner is Theresa Clark.
  • Runners for London 2015 were; Timothy Walsh, Karen Tomkins, Gillian Brightwell and Michael Quinn.  Reserve: Andy Manning.
  • Runners for London 2014 were; Lisa Wood, Chris Jones, Shaun Cherry and Mary Moore.  Reserve: Kevin Lewis