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The East Midlands Grand Prix (EMGP) is a local series of Summer evening races. For more information see the EMGP site.

Each runner’s finishing position is calculated by age category, aggregated, & carried forward to the next race in the series. Only the best 5 results are counted, & prizes are awarded both by the promoting Club on each race night, & by the sponsors after the final race, covering age categories & teams.

The East Midlands Grand Prix in 2018 consists of the following eight races:

Date Race Distance
Weds 09/05/2018 Silverstone 10k 10 km
Fri 18/05/2018 Blisworth 5 5 miles
Wed 23/05/2018 Rugby 6 6 miles
Wed 06/06/2018 Corby 5 5 miles
Tues 12/06/2018 Banbury 5 5 miles
Tues 03/07/2018 Harborough 5 5 miles
Tues 26/06/2018 Weedon 10k 10 km
Tues 10/07/2018 Milton Keynes 10k 10 km
Overall results:
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