Charity Cup cross country – sleet of foot

The Charity Cup xc was held this afternoon at a wintry Wicksteed Park. Our ladies were County Veteran team champions, our men were silver medal county vet team and silver team in the race itself.
There were individual honours – Alice Belcher won the ladies open race, by a field and a half, over 6.6k; Helen Etherington & Louise Kemp won silver & bronze county vet medals and Jason French a bronze county vet medal.
Well done to all who took part Alice Belcher, Helen Etherington, Louise Kemp, Amy Louise, Emma Moore, Jason French, Jon Kemp, Chris Conway, Martin Arissol, Ben Shirley, Ian Jones, David Persaud, Neil McDonald & Mark
Moriarty. Thanks for doing the club proud on a day when the earlier Wicksteed Parkrun was called it off because of a threat to life from the storm, which sums up the conditions the team ran in.