Time to vote for your runners of the year

This is the members vote on who they feel warranted special recognition for any/all of a multitude of things that related to running at WDAC and supporting its members. It could be that someone has achieved remarkable race performances during 2021. This is not necessarily the fastest person as achievements are relative to the person and their own abilities and what they have achieved previously. It may also be for someone who regularly runs for the club in our designated league races, it could be someone who has inspired your running through their encouragement or a coach on club nights who has turned up no matter what the weather and helped you reach your race potential this year. The choice and reason they warranted a vote is yours and this is not a popularity contest so please make your own decision and there is a box to put why you voted for them. As in the past, the intention is to share the messages with the recipients once the awards night is over.
Please use the link to vote only once as duplicate votes will be discounted . The award will mean a lot to the eventual winners as we will have a majority of our 200 plus members actually voting so please don’t forget. We will have to close the vote by Sunday 21st November so that we can have the trophies ready for the presentation night at the Clubs Awards and Christmas party on Friday 3rd December.
Please find below the link for you to cast your vote for the male and female Runner of the Year.