Wellingborough 5 awards 2017

Wellingborough 5 Trophies

Another fantastic turnout at the Wellingborough 5 yesterday.  Well done to all who ran.
A full list of results can be found on the chip timing website.

Please see below for positions of the Junior runners and a list of prize winners from the main race.

Junior 1 mile race:


Pos #: Name: Age: Club:
1 Callum Cox 13
2 Kieran Bunker 10
3 Harvey Willmott 12 WDAC
4 Ayrton Rice 10 KTH
5 Drasius Vilimas 9
6 Noah Willmott
7 Matthew Kemp 6
8 Joseph Godrey 11
9 Oscar Kirschner 4
10 Sam Godrey 7
11 Oliver McPherson 6


Pos #: Name: Age: Club:
1 Libby Willmott 10 WDAC
2 Penny Willmott 8


Alistair Smith (Coventry Godiva) M Sen 26.12
Winner of the Wellingborough 5 race 2017
Nicole Roberts F Sen 28.58
Winner of the Wellingborough 5 race 2017

M Sen

Alistair Smith (Coventry Godiva) 26.12
Luke Montgomery (Corby AC) 26.56
Jean-Pierre Mitchell (Higham Harriers) 27.31

F Sen

Nicole Roberts 28.58
Rebecca Hall (Corby AC) 30.31
Kelly Barnett (WDAC) 32.24


Troy Garrity (Corby AC) 28.01
Andy Fairry (Wooton RR) 28.54
Andy Peet (Wigston Phoenix) 29.01


Nicola Bowerman (Ampthill Flitwick Fliers) 32.31
GinAa Crane (Yaxley) 34.24
Laura Marsh (Bedford Harriers) 35.38


Gordon Lee (Leicester) 26.57
Keith Molloy (WDAC) 29.45
Andy Green (East Haddon) 30.08

FV 45

Elaine Morris 35.32
Sarah Mealing (Team Balancise) 35.59
Caroline Gilby (Ampthill & Flitwick Fliers) 36.57


Peter Graay (Corby AC) 32.19
Neil Lovsey (Bedford Harriers) 32.27
Micheal Wilcox (Rugby & N’pton) 33.32


Kerry Munn (Kettering Town Harriers) 35.16
Jane Edwards (Sphinx AC) 40.04
Stella Gates (Fitness Vitality) 40.12


Male 1st

Higham Harriers {Jean-Pierre Mitchell, Nathan Jones, David Kelly, Shannon Driscoll}

Male 2nd

WDAC {Alexander Ash, Keith Molloy, Jon Kemp, Craig Clements}

Female 1st

WDAC {Kelly Barnett, Lisa Smith, Katherine Baxter}

Female 2nd

Ampthill & Flitwick Fliers {Nicola Bowerman, Michelle Morris, Louise Clark}
For a full set of photographs of the award winners, please check out the album on our Welly Races Facebook page.